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FrameTek is the industry's premier supplier of picture frame spacers and other time saving framing supplies. FrameTek is the manufacturer of most all of the products shown here so that we can control their quality and integrity.

Do you know which spacer is right for you? Check out the article - Yes, there is a best - a Comparison to see which is the best choice.

Most of the products here were developed by Greg Fremstad, president and founder of FrameTek, LLC. Greg has a background in engineering and has been in the picture framing business since 1969. He was on the board of trustees of FACTS (Fine Art Care and Treatment Standards) and helped develop some of the standards. He was honored with the 1989 Award of Recognition by the PPFA for his "Significant contribution to the framing industry" for the development of FrameSpace. Don't hesitate to call him with any framing problem - he's ready to help.

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