What is EconoSpace?

EconoSpace is a neutral pH plastic "peel & stick" type art-glass separator that bonds to the edge of the glass in a picture frame. This is used to make the proper airspace between the art and glass in either wood or metal picture frames.

Why should you use EconoSpace?

This airspace helps prevent mold growth, paper buckling, image transfer and adhesion to the glass. It is available in 4 sizes from 1/16 inch airspace up to 3/8 inch and most come in clear, black, and white. EconoSpace can be used to frame photographs, watercolors, pastels, any paper art or document.

  • TransparentTransparent
  • BlackBlack
  • WhiteWhite
  • Quick & easy - Saves time.
  • Works in both wood & metal frames.
  • Professional looking - No painting.
  • Neutral pH - No plasticizers - Won't harm fine art.
  • Cuts easily & clean with razor or shears.
  • .005 Inch neutral pH acrylic adhesive. (Adhesive is 250% thicker than the others).
  • Hollow for stiffness & lightness - doesn't tend to sag in the frame.
  • Available in clear, black and white.

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