Acrylic Edge Scraper

Here is a clever new tool for smoothing the edges of acrylic sheet.

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  • Instructions
There is a narrow bevel notch, a 90° bevel notch and a rounding notch. Draw this tool lightly across the edge of your acrylic sheet in one of the three notches to scrape a slight bevel or round the edges. Using the straight side will scrape saw marks off the edge of your acrylic sheet.

Scraping a slight bevel gets rid of the saw burrs. These burrs will usually be broken off with your cleaning rag and will scratch the surface. These burrs will also break off when the sheet is dropped into a frame. Guess where the dust ends up.

Using the rounding notch will make the edges of acrylic sheet much safer to handle.

To read more about acrylic framing and some tips for using the Edge Scraper, click here.