Feb 15th 2016

Acrylic Edge Scrapers

Acrylic Edge Scraper

This simple tool will allow you to de-burr the sharp edges of acrylic glazing.

If you're using a lot of acrylic glazing you may consider making one of these time saving tools.

It scrapes the burr off both edges of the sheet without the risk of slipping off and scratching the surfaces. Slightly bevel the edges of all four sides of the sheet before you take off the paper or plastic protective coatings. This makes the FrameSpace go on real easy. Before I take the protective coatings off I also wipe down both sides of the sheet with a damp cloth to kill static and clean off any burr dust. I made mine from a 3/32 inch thick scrap of sheet metal about an inch wide and a few inches long. I just filed a "V" notch about 1/4 inch wide on one end and bent it over about and inch from the end.

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