FrameSecure is a security hanging system used for hanging metal frames. It includes a clever marking system to accurately locate hole locations for attaching the frame to the wall. It requires no special tools or wrenches for either installation or removal.

Aluminum Frame Security Hanger System.
No Special Wrenches or keys to buy.
Unique locator - marker system.
Solid four corner anchoring.
Inexpensive, fast, easy.
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HK-1 (Hangers Only)

HK-1 (Hangers Only)

You must provide anchors and screws.
Hangers will work with any #6 or #8 screw.
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Hangers with Rosette anchors and screws. Works in any wall thickness from 1/8 inch up as well as brick or concrete.

125 lbs. pull out resistance in 1/2"" thick sheet rock (Gypsum) and over 200 lbs. in brick or concrete.
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FrameSecure 1
  1. Insert hole locater pins into hangers.

FrameSecure 2
  1. Rotate hangers into frame at corners.

FrameSecure 3
  1. Position hangers like this to support the weight properly.

FrameSecure 4
  1. Mark the hanger locations on the wall by "whumping" the frame at the corners.

FrameSecure 5
  1. Attach the hangers to the wall with your favorite anchors.

FrameSecure 6
  1. Rotate the hangers to the locked position. Secret to un-locking.